Discover your next path forward…

You are here because you need to restart, heal emotionally and spiritually.
What I know from talking with women just like you is that:

  • You are overloaded with debt and underloaded with clients
  • You are overloaded with invisibility and underloaded with impact
  • You are overloaded with self-doubt – underloaded with confidence.

How do I know?

I was where you are right now. I was stuck in my impoverishment story. I was walking in circles trying to find that magic pill to heal the pain in my suffering heart.

With the help of experimental work, coaching and personal development I overcame:

  • my invisibility
  • my inauthenticity
  • my lack of confidence
  • a dead marriage

I found tools, strategies and experiential spiritual work that stopped all that. Based on my personal journey and experience I have developed my JoyWorks Awarehouse Healing Program to help women benefit from these powerful breakthrough experiences so that they can feel witnessed, embody confidence and enjoy peace of mind.

I’m here to help you...

With the help of Grace, experimental healing and personal development you can:

  • Feel witnessed as a whole and complete person
  • Feel supported in your journey
  • Embody confidence
  • Enjoy peace of mind

I invite you to DIVE DEEP Into the LOVE that you ARE. All the wisdom you need is within you already. The JoyWorks Awarehouse Healing Program helps you find that wisdom, get clarity and restart your own true inner Light.