What you should know about me…

My Mission

I work with leading edge Boomers and GenXers who want to confidently date again or improve relationships, but who feel invisible, struggle with lack of knowledge about modern dating or relationships and are looking how to navigate the world of dating or conscious relationships in a modern world.   I coach them with my Innovative Joyworks Awarehouse Relationships Program so that they can feel witnessed, embody confidence and enjoy peace of mind.

My Vision

My intention for my business is to uplift my clients to live who they really are and to assist them to move forward in their love and relationships thereby bringing more money, cash, value to my family’s personal life to be, do, or have anything we want AND to hold the Light for each of us in this world as we expand the Love That We Are. It is my wish to leave a legacy of a world that is a better place for my having lived in it.

My Philosophy
I believe that…

  • Every human being is a divine spark from God by whatever name and therefore inherently good.
  • Our greatest gift from God is our free will.
  • We can co-create our destiny by our choices.
  • We are 100% responsible for our lives.
  • We can and do make messes of our lives sometimes but we can always reinvent ourselves anew.
  • We each have Inherent Wisdom with which to find our own answers.
  • We are not alone on this planet for a reason. We need each other for our growth, love and contribution.
  • We are capable of being powerful and amazing beyond our wildest dreams.
  • That there is no “one size fits all” in life but rather we are unique and deserve to be treated as such.

My Projects
I’m involved with…

Angell Job Corps as a Special Education teacher for students who can be either special needs or gifted or both.  I also paint, sculpt and occasionally do community theater. Connect with me on DaoCloud.

Inclusionary Views

Given our sociopolitical times, it needs to be stated that I have a zero tolerance for bullying or bigotry of any kind. I warmly welcome all and give my utmost safety mindfulness for POC & LGBTQIA community.  I am an ally and a member of this community.  Polyamorous and alternative relationship persons are welcome.