Do you have a need for public speakers for your next conference or business event?

Imagine giving your audience the motivation, tools, and inspiration to walk away excited, ready for positive action and transformation.

As a conscious event organizer you already know that creativity, innovation, and development originate from people who feel motivated, inspired and self-empowered.

My story is meant to inspire people to move from the confines of small thinking to dreaming about the possibilities within them, to take risks and to live an awakened conscious life. That is where true creativity and innovation come from!


You want your audience to walk away with plenty of value from a talk and it is my calling to give them just that – transformational value added to their lives. They will leave the room with the tools and inspiration they need to create positive change.

The way I see it, our collaboration is a win-win-win for everyone involved and I’d love to have a chat with you to show you exactly how I can help make your event a roaring success for one and all. Let’s make it happen,